Film Paola Allen aka pollyzoom

Storyteller / Fine Art  / Film/ Performance Art

Welcome to Pollyzoom! I'm a professional artist in visual, performing arts and theatre. I am currently exploring the connection between visual arts and film in my work. See my page on film for updates on my film studies.

International Murals with kids:

 My daughter Jackie and I have created numerous international art exchanges between American children and children in Jordan, Australia, New Zealand, Japan and the United Kingdom. As art opportunities in schools continue to decline, a portion of the proceeds from our products will help keep art and performance alive and well. Currently working on a project in Lakeland Florida with Platform Art.

Short List of Awards and Exhibits

Paola received a Human Rights Award from the Tampa/Hillsborough County Human Rights Council at the 38th Annual Humans Rights Awards Breakfast in Tampa in 2011; an award based on her humanitarian work in the community with children. In 2008, the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce nominated Allen for “Woman of the Year” in the category of community service. Her latest new focus is working on animated stories for children at Vermont College of Fine Art in the MFA program in Film, with final animations tol be completed in 2016. 

Her work has shown internationally in public and private collections in Japan, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and here in the United States.

Jacqueline Steves Deschamps

Production/ PR / Daughter of Pollyzoom
Hi I'm Jackie, Paola's daughter, and I've worked with my mother from a young age. Most of my work experience is in the arts and entertainment in Los Angeles, London and Tampa Bay. My mom and I have collaborated on Pollyzoom international projects for audiences in the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Pollyzoom will be unveiling a new line for the 2015 holiday season to launch on I currently reside in Saint Petersburg, Florida and love working with my mom to create new and exciting experiences.


   Paola Allen & Jacqueline Steves Deschamps



2012 London Olympic Mural, Exhibited at Spitalfields E1, London, UK